Like the heat from a thousand suns that burns on
Rising ever higher
A phoenix from a pyre
My eternal desire
I’m on fire

Nov 21 '13

The “real” me, as opposed to the apparently fake me.

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  1. sapiosexualtendencies said: Beautiful!
  2. lionwomanonthemoon said: So pretty, either way. The contrast is stunning
  3. sullenwoman reblogged this from purplevomit and added:
    ^Exactly. And wow I wish I looked that good without makeup! You have nice skin.
  4. lustnfairydust said: Still pretty
  5. purplevomit reblogged this from myzaree and added:
    whoever thinks makeup makes you less authentic as a person, has too much to learn in life.
  6. battydevil said: You’re so pretty :)